For many years, UC Davis had a site license for EndNote that was jointly funded by all UC Davis college and school deans’ offices. Due to the availability of excellent free alternatives (see below), dwindling usage, and a 250% increase in the annual cost of the license, the site license will not be renewed. For more information see; https://iet.ucdavis.edu/news/campus-endnote-license-ending-renewal-or-free-alternatives-available

Alternatives to EndNote

There are at least two excellent, free alternatives to EndNote: Mendeley and Zotero. Both of these options allow you to import your EndNote reference libraries, and both offer very similar functionality to EndNote, including the “Cite-While-You-Write” integration with Microsoft Word. The UC Davis Library offers classes on using both of these options, as well (contact the Library for details).

  1. Guides to importing EndNote data into Mendeley:
    1. https://fdu.libguides.com/c.php?g=589769&p=4077155
    2. http://libguides.nus.edu.sg/c.php?g=145734&p=1433095
  2. Guide to importing EndNote data into Zotero:
    1. https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/importing_records_from_endnote

Late 2018 Option to buy EndNote Perpetual Licenses

The campus has negotiated a new agreement to allow individual users to purchase new EndNote licenses for $70. This purchase covers both the current X8 version and the subsequent X9 version, expected in 2019. You will need to purchase future upgrades to versions after X9, with X10 expected in 2021. The cost of future upgrades is unknown but is anticipated to be approximately the same price. These licenses may be installed on up to three computers used primarily by the named, licensed user, so long as EndNote is run on only one of the computers at any given time. To purchase new licenses for EndNote contact the IT Service Desk

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