Using Box on mobile devices

To access your enterprise Box files and folders from a mobile device, your best option is to install and use the Box app for your device; if you attempt to directly access the Internet site from a mobile device using the device’s web browser, it will always redirect by default to, the Box mobile site. The service does not differentiate between enterprise and personal/free access accounts; redirects to and the standard Box login, and your IU credentials won’t work.

You have two options to avoid this issue:

  • Install the Box app for your mobile device, and log into Box using the app’s Single Sign-on (SSO) option rather than via the web.To find the Box app, log into your Box account via the web, and then click the Apps tab (the cloud icon) at the top of the page. On the right, select Official Box Apps, which will present a list of links to all of the Box apps for various mobile platforms. Make a selection, and then click Add to install. After installation, the Box app will again default to standard access. Click More login options or SSO to log in using your university credentials.To log in using SSO:
    1. Enter your IU email address, and leave the password field empty.
    2. Click log-in.
    3. You will be redirected to the CAS login screen; log in with your Network ID.
  • If there is no Single Sign-on option, use an external password; see Creating and using an external password for enterprise Box. You can then use your university email address and this password to log into your mobile device.

Click to view Box’s mobile videos on YouTube

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