How to securely share a file on Box

Important: Before you begin using your enterprise Box account, be sure to revise your settings according to How do I securely set up my enterprise Box account?

When you click Share to the right of any file or folder in your enterprise Box account, a link will appear (under the file or folder) that you can use to share the file or folder with recipients. You can choose from a list of access options and/or invite collaborators and set their permission levels by using the Access drop-down list to the right of the link. After you have set the access level, you can either use Box to email the link to recipients by clicking Send and then entering the addresses, or you can copy-paste the link into an email or text message, message board, or whatever means you choose. If you want to share one file, generate a link for just that file. If you want to share more than one file, put the files in a folder and generate a link for that folder.

If you no longer want others to be able to use the link, you can disable the share link, which unshares the file, making it available to only you and any specific collaborators you have set. Do this by clicking the arrow to the right of the file or folder, selecting Share, and then clicking Disable Shared Link.

Note: When collaborating with others at IU, be sure to use their primary mail address, such as  If you use a different address, the recipient will not be able to log in and access what you sent.

To view Box videos on sharing and collaborating, see Collaboration at the Box User Video Library.

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