Mass Loading Files into Box with FTP

Note: FTP connections are intended only for bulk uploading of data to your account. FTP is not meant to be a day-to-day means of accessing the data in your enterprise UCDavis Box account. For regular access to the files in your Box account from your computer, consider using Box Sync.  However, if you find the Sync client problematic or you are using an unsupported operating system (i.e. Linux), FTP access to your Box files may be a solution for you.

To use FTP with your enterprise UCDavis Box account, you must first set an external password. See Creating and using an external password for enterprise Box.

You will also need an FTP client to connect to your account, such as FileZilla, available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux at FileZilla.

To connect to your Box account using FileZilla, use the following settings:

  • Host:
  • Username: [your campus email address]
  • Password: [your Box external password]
  • Protocol: “explicit FTP over TLS”

FileZilla gives you the ability to navigate your local desktop file system and your folders side-by-side, moving files as necessary between the two.  Even better, files that live only in can be right-click->Edit’ed and will open in the associated software on your local computer, then when you save your changes will automatically be copied back to in a new version with all existing permissions intact.

FileZilla also supports drag-and-drop on most modern desktop operating systems so you very easily copy files between your local and environments.

FileZilla, or like softwares, do not replace the simplicity of synchronization offered by Box Sync, but for many power users they are a satisfying alternative until the rewritten Box Sync 4.0 is released.

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