Comparing Free and Enterprise BOX.COM Accounts

Free personal Box accounts

Free Box accounts, available to the public, are not related to the enterprise Box service at IU.  Anyone can have a free personal Box account; if you choose to create one, use a non-UCDavis email address and password of your choice.

You can share files from your personal account to your enterprise account.

Enterprise Box accounts

Enterprise Box accounts are available to all current students, faculty, and staff.

  • Accounts are individual; group accounts are not available at this time.
  • For more, including information about creating your account, see Box at UCDavis help menu.

Differences between free and enterprise Box accounts

Personal Enterprise
File size upload limit 250 MB 5 GB; for more about uploading large files, see below
Available storage 5 GB 50 GB
Single sign-on integration *
Password-protected sharing *
Advanced collaboration features
(e.g., full-text search, download stats and
tracking, version history)
Integration with institutional applications *
Administrative console and advanced features *
Enhanced enterprise logging features *
Contractual protections for subscribing institutions *

Uploading Large Files

Upload method Maximum individual file size
Web browser (Upload Files feature) 1 GB
Web browser (Upload Folders feature) 5 GB
Box Sync 5 GB
Box Edit 5 GB

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