Engineering Migrates to Voice over Internet Protocol Phones

Starting Tuesday, Feb. 13, IET will migrate all phones in Kemper Hall to new VoIP phones. You will keep the same phone numbers you have today. A copy of your unit telephone directory will be left by each phone.

After you receive your new phone, you will need to enroll in the new voicemail service. It will not accept messages until you do. Voicemail instructions will be left by your desk.

Please note, individual network connections may be briefly interrupted on these days while technicians physically swap out phones. To prepare, please help with the following:

  • Save all documents on your computer and remove confidential documents from your desk
  • Have your work area clear enough so that technicians can access your data NAM and computer
  • Clear voicemail messages from your existing voicemail box
  • Complete the voicemail registration after your new phone is installed

Additional engineering buildings that will be impacted in the coming weeks are:

  • Academic Surge – Tuesday, Feb. 27 (tentative date)
  • Bainer Hall – Wednesday, March 7 (tentative date)
  • Ghausi Hall – Wednesday, April 11 (tentative date)
  • Watershed Sciences – Wednesday, April 18 (tentative date)

The VoIP Project team will be onsite during the installation to offer help if you have questions or problems. The team will also provide next-day support onsite between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. If you need assistance after this time, please contact Nicole Kennedy at 530-752-0576. You can also open a ticket at Note, this team is independent from COE IT .

If you have additional feedback or concerns to share with us during this process, please email

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