VMware and Microsoft Product Availability

We are happy to announce the availability of consolidated College-wide licensing of many VMware and Microsoft products.  Previously known as the VMware Academic Alliance and the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), access to these programs was inconsistently available and difficult to administer within the college.  IT Shared Services has combined all licensing and streamlined the method for downloading and installing the various packages, reducing the effort necessary by departmental staff.

This software is free to all College of Engineering faculty, staff and students for their UCDavis inventoried and personally owned equipment when used for instructional and research purposes.  This software cannot be used for administrative functions.

Please follow the instructions outlined here and here.  If you need assistance with connecting to the website or downloading the software, please contact IT Shared Services at coeitss-support@ucdavis.edu.  If you need assistance with installing or troubleshooting the software, please contact your departmental IT technician.

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