Tivoli Endpoint Manager rollout

As you may already know, Tivoli Endpoint Manager, or BigFix, has been adopted by the College of Engineering as a consolidated endpoint management system.  This new tool will reduce the IT staff time required to deliver software updates, patches, security upgrades, and new software applications.  In addition to reducing staff time, this tool includes a one-time energy rebate from PG&E that will help offset the cost of the software.  In order to qualify for this rebate, all computers must have the software installed by April 18th.

While this tool is not mandatory, it does provide several benefits to the department such as increased network security, more efficient use of IT staff time, and faster delivery of new computer software.

If you would like to help, you may install the software on all of your Windows and Macintosh computers by downloading the appropriate installer from the following website.


If you would like assistance installing or need a Linux installer please email your department IT support person.

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