July Software Updates

The following software packages were installed via BigFix this month.

Flash Player 11.8.800.94
Apple Quicktime 7.7.4
Mozilla Firefox 11.0.7 ESR
Acrobat 9.5.3
Acrobat Reader 11.0.03
Shockwave Player

MS13-029 Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Client
MS13-052 Vulnerability in .NET Framework
MS13-053 Vulnerability in Windows Kernel
MS13-054 Vulnerability in GDI+
MS13-055 Cumulative Security Update
MS13-056 Vulnerability in DirectShow
MS13-057 Vulnerability in Windows Media Format

Users should expect to see a popup windows similar to the one below requesting they “Take Action” to install the updates. ¬†Please “Take Action” when convenient within the next 5 days.


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