How satisfied are you with IT in Engineering?

We want to hear from as many of you as possible about how IT is or isn’t working to meet your needs. Some of you have responded to past surveys but, while the survey only takes two minutes, more of you may respond if we incentivize the process. So we’re giving away one $25 Amazon gift card every month to a random survey respondent*.

Anytime you submit an IT ticket we want to know if you were satisfied with our service. So we give you an opportunity to respond to a short survey in the email from that tells you our work has completed. Just look for this text; “Want to provide feedback? Please take a moment to complete a brief survey to rate our service.” Complete the survey and you’re entered to win the end of month drawing!

This month we want to kick things off by giving everyone a chance to tell us how we’ve done in the past and a chance to win. Just complete the survey linked below by March 31st.

Your feedback helps us improve. Thank you in advance!

Steve Pigg
Executive Director of Information Technology
College of Engineering
UC Davis

*IT staff are not eligible to win. Only one response per person per month will be entered into drawing. Must be affiliated with UC Davis to win.
Your feedback is confidential. Only COE IT management see the details.
Overall satisfaction is reported to COE and unit level management as a metric of service quality.

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