Duo Enrollment Multi-Factor Authentication Coming to College of Engineering

What is Duo and why do I need it?

Duo is a multi-factor authentication system for all UC Davis Central Authentication Service (CAS) protected sites and email services.

Duo enrollment requires users to use a second device to authenticate user logins. This secondary device should be something users have with them all the time such as a work or personal mobile device. You will use this second device to approve your logins after entering your LoginID and passphrase on your computer.

What happens if I do not enroll in Duo?

You will be unable to access UC Davis CAS-protected sites. This includes UCPath (earnings statements, tax withholdings, W-2s, etc.), email and more. Duo enrollment is mandatory for all UC Davis employees, per a November 2018 letter from Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Ralph Hexter. Note, the deadlines in this letter have been pushed back slightly due to campus closures during the fall quarter.

When do I have to enroll in Duo?

All UC Davis employees need to be enrolled in Duo by the time UCPath launches in March 2019. UCPath is a CAS-protected website that will replace the University of California’s At Your Service Online.

How do I enroll in Duo?

Before you enroll in Duo, you need to confirm you have the most up-to-date email client software:

Microsoft Office


  • Outlook Web
  • DavisMail
  • Outlook 2016


TIP: To confirm your Outlook product information on a PC, from the upper left-hand corner, click File→Office Account →Product Information. On a Mac, from the upper left-hand corner, click OutlookAbout Outlook

If you are not using Outlook or DavisMail, the College of Engineering IT Team will work with you directly to enroll in Duo. Do not proceed.

Next, please ensure your work or personal mobile device are up-to-date with the most current operating software.

Download the free “Duo Mobile” app on your Apple or Android Device. Once you have the app downloaded, open https://computingaccounts.ucdavis.edu/cgi-bin/duo and follow the steps below.



Step-by-Step Duo Enrollment

  • Enter your mobile work phone or personal mobile phone number

Enter your phone number

  • Check the box to confirm your phone number is correct
  • Select the type of phone you have (iPhone, Android, Windows, Other)


Type of phone







  • Open the Duo Mobile app
  • Allow access to your camera

  • Open your phone’s camera and take a picture of the QR code on your computer screen


  • Select “Continue”

If your enrollment is successful, you will receive a message that reads “Enrollment Successful!”


  • Lastly, select your default device and choose your preferred authentication message (call me, enter a passphrase, send a push). Push notifications are recommended

settings and devices

  • Once you have enrolled your device, it is strongly recommended that you enroll another device, such as a second cell phone or desk phone, in case you forget your main device at home.

What happens now?

You will use your Duo-enrolled device to approve your logins after entering your LoginID and passphrase on your computer. It can take up to 24 hours for your Duo enrollment to become active. You may need to remove and reinstall any default Mail apps you are using on your mobile device.

Remember, if you leave your Duo-enrolled device at home, you cannot log in to any CAS-protected websites or applications.

Questions? Contact coeithelp@ucdavis.edu or (530) 784-4867.

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