Campus CAS Upgrade – Timeout Issues

Description: CAS Session Expiration Correction


Start of Window : 08/14/2013 15:30

End of Window : 08/14/2013 16:30



The CAS 3.5.2 deployment carried an unexpected ticket expiration policy that currently expires CAS tickets after 2 hours of inactivity.  The new deployment also exhibits a rendering issue in Internet Explorer 9 when not in compatibility mode and a change to autocomplete settings.


The CAS team has implemented fixes for these issues and will deploy them tomorrow afternoon.  Once the changes are applied the original CAS 12-hour single sign on timeout will be restored and the login form will render correctly in IE9.  This change will also restore the original autocomplete behavior for the CAS login page.  The changes will be rolled out transparently to one production CAS server at a time over a 60 minute period.



This upgrade will be performed using the service load-balancer and will have no impact on any CAS-protected services.  Users will maintain their current single sign-on sessions and will NOT need to re-authenticate.


Affected Services:

All campus websites using CAS for authentication All services using Shibboleth for authentication





Contact IT Express at (530) 754-HELP (4357).


IT Express

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