ANSYS Licensing Changes

We are pleased to announce the consolidation of ANSYS software licenses for the College of Engineering.  If you are an existing ANSYS user, please review the details below.  Feel free to contact your departmental technical support if you need assistance with these changes.  As part of the consolidation, ANSYS will no longer license directly with individual Engineering departments — so if you have additional needs from ANSYS, please contact IT Shared Services.

We are licensed for the following:

ANSYS products

  • ANSYS Academic Research CFD (5 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory (50 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical (5 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Research HPC (per core) (50 tasks)

ANSOFT products

  • ANSYS Academic Research HF (25 tasks)
  • ANSYS Academic Research EM (5 tasks)

Client Software License Set-Up

  • ANSYS products
    • Start the ANSLIC_ADMIN utility that was installed with the software
    • Change the license server to (
    • Leave the TCP port as the default 1055.
    • ANSOFT products
      • From within the software,
        • choose the “Maintenance” utility,
        • choose Modify Installation,
        • choose “I want to specify a license server”
        • Enter for the hostname
        • Enter TCP port 1056 (this is not the default)
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