About Us


COE IT strives to provide highly competent service and support to the COE community. To achieve that mission we explore the frontiers of technology and education; deliver solutions that our community can leverage and build upon; respect the independence and creativity of our IT staff and customers; and openly share knowledge and results.

Strategic Plan

View the 2018 College of Engineering IT Strategic Plan

Vision and Goals

We strive to provide exceptional and competent service and support to the college of Engineering. In our work, we value:

  1. gaining knowledge to implement new technologies and solutions to assist our community with the ever changing landscape of technology and education
    1. Research new technologies
    2. Understand the needs of customers
    3. Implement technologies that best meet those needs
    4. Finger on pulse of education
  2. producing work that is accurate and complete so that others may use and build on our efforts
    1. Systems are documented
    2. Systems follow best practices
    3. We have the admin tools to support our systems
    4. We have APIs and open systems
  3. working in an environment that allows IT staff to independently and creatively pursue challenging problems.
    1. All employees have at least some time to pursue independent projects
    2. Employees can take training outside of their current specialty
  4. honesty with each other about successes and failures, and transparency with our customers so they know what we’re doing to help them
    1. We publicly post service stats
    2. We report back to our faculty committee, MSOs, customers, etc. on our performance
    3. We take accountability for our failures
    4. We don’t silo knowledge
  5. creating resilient, robust systems that avoid predictable failures (so we can all sleep at night).
    1. Our systems are well monitored
    2. Our systems are automated
    3. We protect our customers’ data
    4. We can survive disasters–customers can keep working