Submit a Service Ticket

Online Ticket Management Portal  You are in the Service Hub - Get Help.

There’s a better way to get help at the new Service Hub portal found here.  At the Service Hub, you will be able to review helpful articles in the new Knowledge Base, submit, review, comment on, and self-resolve your requests, and peruse IT service offerings.  If you choose “College of Engineering” under “My Support Team” when submitting a new ticket, routing of the ticket will be identical to using your departmental email address as in the past.

IT Hot Line

You can talk directly to IT support at (530) 784-ITSM (4876) during normal business hours.  This telephone number can also be used to submit text messages (greater than 140 characters allowed) or leave voice mail after hours.  Text messages and voice mail will be routed through the normal ticketing system.

Email still works too


Departmental IT support email lists are:

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Center for Watershed Sciences

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science and

Dean’s Office

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Institute of Transportation Studies

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

 To directly contact IT Shared Services for assistance with a service directly offered by our group, please email