Servers & Data

Some departments have local Windows File Shares set up for staff and faculty.  Through IT Shared Services, local file shares are being migrated to an offering from the IT Shared Services Private Cloud.  Data in the cloud is backed up with hourly shapshots and moved off-site for disaster recovery.  Windows File Shares for administrative use (either staff or faculty grant administration) are free of charge.  For more information on this initiative, please review the documentation elsewhere on this website.

For administrative file backup and recovery, please use the campus offering of BOX.COM with unlimited storage.

If your backup needs are difficult to back up using the BOX.COM technology, IT Shared Services has standardized on the CrashPlan Enterprise offering (  You can purchase CrashPlan on an annual basis for $100 which covers unlimited space and unlimited file versions for up to four devices.  Contact your local departmental IT support for purchase and installation.

IT Shared Services believes the either BOX.COM or CrashPlan will meet all but the most esoteric data backup and recovery needs within the college so will be moving away from all other similar technologies.

The College Private Cloud may be useful where none of these options are feasible for you.  Please contact if you would like to discuss additional options.

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