Cybersafety Reporting

In 2004, UCDavis adopted a set of computing security measures to improve security of the computing environment.  Annually, all departments must report on their “cybersafety compliance”, which includes a computer-by-computer inventory of such key security options such as patch level and antivirus software.  Details on the program can be found here:

To dramatically reduce the overhead associated with Cybersafety reporting, the campus has purchased patch management/inventory management/software installation software from IBM titled BigFix.   Computers that have BigFix installed can be automatically secured and inventoried for Cybersafety.  This frees your departmental IT support group for more important tasks such as support your research.

If you do not wish to have BigFix installed on one of your computers, you assume the responsibility for the patching and maintenance of that computer — including the annual Cybersafety inventory.

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