Equipment Management

Each department within the College has its own equipment purchasing policies.  When purchasing desktop and laptop computers, the more standardization that is embraced, the the College will realize lower support costs over the life of the equipment.

The campus maintains relationships with Dell and Apple to combine standard offerings with the lowest possible prices and reasonable support agreements.  In fact, the Dell offerings are negotiated quarterly between the entire system and Dell and the result is at last 30% off of list price on selected modules.  To see the Dell offerings, please use the UCDBUY purchasing portal found here: (your campus Kerberos authentication is required). For Apple US educational offerings, please surf here:  For Apple purchases, support agreements are not automatically included.  It is strongly recommended that you include a 3-year AppleCare warranty with your Apple hardware.

Each department has their own procedure for the disposal of equipment.  Please contact your departmental IT support group for specifics using the standard email address.  It is important to retrieve any data from the storage on any equipment being submitted for salvage as the department technician will wipe the storage using an unrecoverable method.  Equipment that has been purchased on grants include a lengthy disposal process to ensure that the granting agency is not interested in the return of the equipment.

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