Xerox Managed Printer Program

Some of the networked printers in the College are part of the Xerox Managed Printer Program.  The following criteria must be met for printers to be enrolled in the program:

  • Printer must be on the college’s network with a route-able IP address
  • The printer’s manufacturer must still be supporting the printer with toner and maintenance kits

The program provides all toner for the printer, shipped centrally to IT Shared Services and installed by ITSS student staff members.  It also provides maintenance kits when the printer indicates it needs one, installed by ITSS student staff members.  Spent toner cartridges are recycled by ITSS student staff members.  If the printer breaks down and is repairable, Xerox will dispatch a printer technician within 24-hours Monday-Friday to repair the printer.  If the printer is beyond end-of-life or breaks in a fashion that is deemed un-repairable by Xerox, the owning department is responsible for replacing the printer with a model of their choice (which can then be added to the Xerox Managed Printer Program).

Xerox collects printer image counts on a monthly basis and submits a bill to the College.  Charges are distributed by the College Shared Services Payables staff through a pre-arranged DAFIS account code (one account code per managed printer).

The cost for this service is $0.015 per black-and-white page side and $0.13 per color page side.

Please note that recently purchased large Xerox-brand copier/scanner/printers in the College are on their own, and separate, maintenance contract, which has separate costs and processes.

If you have a printer that you would like to add to the program, please send in a ticket through the IT ticketing system at or send email to

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