Private Cloud

The College of Engineering seeks to consolidate all administrative computing infrastructure.  This consolidation will provide a more robust computing infrastructure, create efficiencies in server management, and reduce total capital expenditures for computing hardware across the College.  The COE Private Cloud will provide centralized computing and data storage capacity sufficient to meet the current and future computing demands of all departments with the College.
Project Status:

  • Initial deployment of the COE Private Cloud has been completed.
  • IT Shared Services has worked with departmental IT staff to migrate existing IT Infrastructure into the COE Private Cloud.
  • Schedule of individual services to be migrated into COE Private Cloud
  • As more robust and less expensive technologies have become available, COE has partnered with the Department of Social Services IT and Information and Educational Technology to move the COE private could into the IET private cloud.  Initial testing is complete and migration will continue until the COE private cloud is decommissioned (approximately Summer 2017).

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