Patch Management and Software Distribution

UC Davis Cybersafety Policy requires critical security patches to be applied to all network connected computing devices within seven days of release from the vendor.  Given the number of computing devices connected to the College of Engineering networks and the frequency of critical security patches, traditional software delivery methods are not feasible.
The College of Engineering has purchased licenses for BigFix, a patch management tool, for all computers connected to our network.  This new tool will enable IT to effectively manage the distribution of critical software patches for most computer operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, AIX, and Solaris).  Additionally, the tool enables IT to distribute new software packages quickly and easily.The campus has selected BigFix as the standard patch management and software distribution tool.


Project Timeline:  January 1st – May 1st 2013

Project Status: BigFix licenses have been purchased and installed on many of the College owned computing systems.  IT is working with the Faculty IT Advisory Committee to develop a common patching procedure that protects faculty productivity while ensuring compliance with campus policy.  Once the new procedure is finalized, IT Shared Services will begin patching all desktop computers through the central tool.

** Update, College-wide patching will begin starting July 1st for all connected systems.

**Update, this project is now closed.  IT will continue to expand the adoption of BigFix across the College and is now administering software patching for all connected systems.

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