Helpdesk and Tier 0 Support System

Helpdesk systems funnel all IT support requests through a common platform. This helps improve IT service delivery across the college and allows for a comprehensive analysis into common trends and themes. Through a single system that is used college-wide,  IT can easily coordinate the appropriate level of service and dispatch the corresponding personnel.
College of Engineering has partnered with IET to deliver a campus-wide IT Service Management (ITSM) System.  This partnership will enhance the overall support our end-users receive by creating a more robust tool, sharing knowledge across departments, and providing COE IT Staff the ability to escalate trouble tickets to IET for support.


Project Timeline:  Started December 15th, 2012

Project Status: Phase 1 completed with consolidation of all COE departments into a single tool providing email only interface.  Phase 2 completed a customer facing portal for the submission and management of IT requests through the web.  The result can be found at

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