Document Collaboration

Community members need a robust solution to easily store and share documents with collaborators inside and outside of the College.  Furthermore, many faculty have large collections of documents/data that are stored in a single location with little or no backup strategy.
The College of Engineering has partnered with IET and several other UC Davis Colleges/Schools to provide as a campus-wide service.  Box offers several features that make it an extremely attractive opportunity for our campus such as:

  • Easy collaboration with many R1 research institutions
  • Campus-wide access to all users at 50GB/user
  • Integration with Internet2 for fast data transfer speeds
  • Desktop document synchronization client
  • File versioning with undelete
  • Enhanced data security in transit and at rest

Project Timeline:  3-6 months starting April 2013

Project Status: Service is now live as of Oct 1st, 2013.  Project is now complete.

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