Consolidated Firewall

The College of Engineering and IET Communications Resources are partnering to get real-world experience with next generation firewall technologies in a production environment.  These new technologies will enhance the overall security outlook for the College while providing some much needed feedback regarding end-user experience, network performance, and manageability.
The project will implement new firewall technology across the four main buildings in Engineering and collapse the various CoE VLANs to the building level.  In addition to collapsing layer 2 networks, private IPv4 space will be introduced for administrative networks to accommodate the diminishing pool of public IPv4 space on campus.

Overall, new technologies such as identity based security policies, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus filtering, application layer filtering policies, and policy based NAT will create a more secure university computing network.  While these new technologies don’t solve all the problems, they greatly enhance the overall network security while providing greater flexibility to the user community.  In addition to new security technologies, the new firewalls will also support IPv6 routing.


Project Timelime:  12-18 months starting January 1st, 2013

Project Status: This project is complete as of 6/2/14.  All COE Networks have been migrated to the new Firewalls.

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